Every problem can be dealt with.

 No matter how serious, no matter how large, no matter how old or destructive your problem is, it can always be dealt with. It is how you see your problem that can change your problem.

The method you use in dealing with your problem should always come from an empowered position and not a dis-empowered position.

Quite often a person tries to deal with their problem by using a crutch of some kind such as alcohol, drugs or by a repetitive behaviour. Unfortunately the crutch becomes what the person becomes addicted to. Very few people start drinking or using drugs with the sole intention of becoming an addict. Becoming an addict is what happens to them, it was not their choice to become addicted. Problems such as stress, gambling, sexual addiction, gaming addiction, internet addiction, relationship difficulties were quite often not choices either.

An empowered adult can make different choices.

What do you choose for your life?

Aikido Therapy can show you a step by step approach to dealing with your problem and may assist you in bringing the change you want in your life.

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